Who is who




ABEEólica Brazil Brazilian Wind Energy Association
ABIQUIM Brazil Brazilian Chemical Industry Association
ABSOLAR Brazil Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy
ALANA Brazil Alana Institute
ANECAP Peru National Association of Executers of the Contract for the Management of Communal Reserves of Peru
APEX Brazil Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency
APIB Brazil Brazil´s Indigenous People Articulation
ARTICLE 19 International Article 19
BID International Inter-American Development Bank
BIRD International International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
BLOOMBERG International Bloomberg
BNDES Brazil Brazilian Development Bank
BPBES Brazil Brazilian Assessment on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
BRASKEM Brazil Braskem
CARB United States California Air Resources Board
CBI International Climate Bonds Initiative
CDP International Carbon Disclosure Project
CEBDS Brazil Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development
CEMADEN Brazil National Center for Monitoring and Early Warnings of Natural Disasters of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications
CIT Brazil Territorial Intelligence Center
CL South Africa Climate Legal
CMADS Brazil Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development of the Chamber of Deputies
CMMC Brazil Permanent Joint Committee on Climate Change of the National Congress
CNA Brazil Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock
CNI Brazil National Confederation of Industry
CNPCT-MDH Brazil National Council of Traditional Peoples and Communities of the Ministry of Human Rights
COALIZÃO Brazil Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture
COICA International Coordinato of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon River Basin
CONECTAS Brazil Conectas Human Rights
CPGC-UNGC International Cities Programme Global Compact – Brazil and Latin America
CTMC-CG-PNGATI Brazil Climate Change Technical Chamber of the Management Committee of the National Policy of Territorial and Environmental Management of Indigenous Lands
EI United States Ecologic Institute
EIB International European Investment Bank
EMBRAPA Brazil Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation
ENEL Italy Enel
ENGAJAMUNDO Brazil Engajamundo
ESCOLHAS Brazil Choices Institute
ETHOS Brazil Ethos Institute
FAO International Food and Agriculture Organization
FAS Brazil Amazonas Sustainable Foundation
FBDS Brazil Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development
FBMC Brazil Brazilian Forum on Climate Change
FFNZ New Zealand Federated Farmers of New Zealand
FGB Brazil Boticário Group Foundation
FGVces Brazil Center of Studies on Sustainability
FOA International Future Ocean Alliance
FPAmb Brazil Environmentalist Parliamentary Front of the National Congress
FPBio Brazil Biodiesel Parliamentary Front of the National Congress
FPQ Brazil Chemistry Parliamentary Front of the National Congress
FUNAI Brazil National Indian Foundation
GCN – BR Brazil Global Compact Network – Brazil
GCN – ID Indonesia Global Compact Network – Indonesian
GCN – KE Kenya Global Compact Network – Kenya
GIZ Germany German Society for International Cooperation
GOV-DE Germany Government of Germany
GOV-MT Brazil Government of Brazilian State of Mato Grosso
GOV-MV Maldives Government of Maldives
GOV-NO Norway Government of Norway
GOV-Thuringia Germany Government of German Federal State of Thuringia
GPS International Group of Producing Countries from the Southern Cone
GREENPEACE International Greenpeace
GRI-LSE United Kingdom Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment – London School of Economics and Political Science
GTPS Brazil Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock
IASS Germany Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies
IBAMA Brazil Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources
ICLEI International Local Governments for Sustainability
ICS Brazil Institute of Climate and Society
ICV Brazil Life Center Institute
IDH Trade International Sustainable Trade Initiative
IEC Brazil Business Initiative on Climate
IMAFLORA Brazil Institute of Forest and Agriculture Management and Certification
IMAZON Brazil Institute of Man and Environment of the Amazon
INPE-MCTIC Brazil National Space Research Center of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications
IPAM Brazil Amazon Environmental Research Institute
IPCC International Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change
ISA Brazil Socio-Environmental Institute
ISPN Brazil Institute for Society, Population and Nature
ITAIPU Brazil Itaipu Binational
KFW Germany KFW Bank Group
KPMG International KPMG Sustainability
LAGESA-UFMG Brazil Laboratory of Environmental Services Management of the Federal University of Minas Gerais
MAA Cap Verde Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment of Cape Verde
MAPA Brazil Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply of Brazil
MDIC Brazil Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services of Brazil
MINAE Costa Rica Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica
MINAMBIENTE Colombia Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia
MIRNA Sao Tome and Principe Ministry of Public Works, Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Environment of Sao Tome and Principe
MMA Brazil Ministry of the Environment of Brazil
MPGCA-UNFCCC International Marrakesh Partnership for Global Climate Action – UNFCCC
MRE Brazil Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil
NACSAA United States North America Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance
NAUMANN Alemanha Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom
NICFI – NORAD Norway Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative – Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
NMBU Norway Norwegian University of Life Sciences
OC Brazil Climate Observatory
OCF Brazil Forest Code Observatory
OECD Internacional Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
PBMC-COPPE-UFRJ Brazil Brazilian Panel on Climate Change – Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
PCI-MT Brazil Strategy Produce, Preserve, Include of State of Mato Grosso
PREVFOGO Brazil National Center for Prevention and Combat of Forest Fires
PUC-RJ Brazil Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
RCA Brazil Amazonian Cooperation Network
REDE ILPF Brazil Integrated Crop Livestock Forestry Systems
RFN Norway Rainforest Foundation Norway
RTRS International Round Table on Responsible Soy
SEAMA-ES Brazil Secretary of Environment and Hydric Resources of Espirito Santo
SEMA-AM Brazil Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development of Amazonas
SEMA-AP Brazil Secretary of Environment of Amapa
SEMAS-PA Brazil Secretary of Environment and Sustainability of Para
SENAR-CNA Brazil National Rural Learning Service – CNA
SFB Brazil Brazilian Forest Service
SGA-USP Brazil Superintendence of Environmental Management – University of São Paulo
SLC AGRÍCOLA Brazil SLC Agricultural
SRB Brazil Brazilian Rural Society
UBRABIO Brazil Brazilian Union of Biodiesel and Bioquerosene
UNDESA International United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
UNFCCC International United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
UNGC International United Nations Global Compact
UNICA Brazil Union of the Sugarcane Industry
UNOSSC International United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation
VCIMENTOS Brazil Votorantim Cements
VOTORANTIM H Brazil Votorantim Holding
WFO International World Farmers Organization
WRI International World Resources Institute
WWF International World Wide Fund for Nature